I miss it

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So, I know no one reads this. Mainly cause no one knows of my existance. I don’t want people knowing about this, at least of my friends. I like being able to rant with no one being able to read it later. My one friend, not mentioned in previous publications, “apologized” for me being unhappy, which you will read later. And I was mad that she looked at my site, mainly cause I sent her a link to a specific thing to download and I expected her to download it and move on.  She read this, but its not about her and she knows that. Well, that made me think about WordPress and it’s existance and how no one knows. So, here it is.

It’s been a while. Oh Well. I just needed a place where I know no one cares what I say and no one takes time to look at to blog. Myspace has an option of blogging but that risks people i know reading it. Let’s begin, shall we? I want my life back. Not this life of photoshopping and web page design. But my real life. I want my best friends back, I want my girlfriend back and I can’t stop denying it anymore. I want my life back in order. I don’t wanna be the one my best friend calls to say the general meaning of “Denny isn’t going to be over today and because I don’t want sit around and be bored and alone do you wanna hang out?” That makes me miserable. And on top of that, on the previous day she asked me, she mentioned she might be going to get an outfit for our trip to Kennywood today. What she failed to mention was if she was going to nearby Walmart, Sears, etc..but instead Boardman, and if I have failed to answer her question “what’s up?” I would have foolishly went to pick up my sister, my mom and be dropped off at her house and she would have been in boardman. Some of this happens too often. And, yet again, on top of that, she always pretends to invite me places. I say pretend cause she always says in response to “what the heck, you keep doing things without me!” She says “But you’re busy all the time.” When in reality, I’m not. Not anymore anyhow. I work a total of 2-3 days per week. Mondays I’m at practice for the drama club at my friend’s church. Other than that, she has the rest of the week. Like this one time, she went to the movies to see Watchmen and another movie I can’t think of at the moment, it may not be Watchmen, but it was a movie she knew very well I wanted to see. But the point is I’m mad she would do that to me. And it is quite the opposite when I ask her. When I ask her to do something the response is usually “I’m not home, I’m -insert somewhere here-” or “If you want, but -insert people here- are here.” Why would I care who’s there? I just want to be happy again. I guess that is what I’m trying to say. I no longer have my everyday happiness I obtain by everything being in order. All I want is my life back.



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Alright, its offical, I no longer exist to my best friend. I’ve been replaced by a new group. I know the saying “Friend come and go”, so don’t give me that. *sigh*  I was having a normal conversation with her and then BAM! out of no where she says:

Friend: Are you mad at me?
Me: no
Me: are you?
Friend: Why would I be?
Me: idk
Friend: lately.. I thought you were
I couldn’t find the courage to say “I’m not mad, I’m replaced. We don’t do anything anymore and all you do is hang out with your new friends.” Just to get a response like “Well, while you were dating your last girlfriend and I asked to hang out you would say if she didn’t want too.” and I would say “Well, if you thought a little harder, I’d hang out with you more than her”. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?
And another thing, she said that I always hang out with some other kid now, which is a big fat LIE! Over a weekend, I hung out with him once while she was at our friends house with a bunch of people and we weren’t invited. And I can’t help that we see each other a lot only because we are both in play and practice is directly after school to 4:30, then an hour break for dinner, then more play practice till 8:30. DEAL! And, I’d hang out with you too if YOU WOULD EVER GO TO PLAY PRACTICE WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO! Blah, I’m sorry, you people reading probably don’t care. I’ll end this now…

Snow Day

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It seems as if all I talk about is how my friends are doofuses. 🙂 So, let’s talk about my day.

Today, school was cancelled, we got hit with snow. I was quite excited, even though I had to watch my sister from 10 to 1. It wasn’t too bad, she actually listened to me and was good. She’s 7 and when she reads she has to read out loud, so I was in the living room playing my CSI Game, which by the way is really fun and I almost beat it, and she was sitting in the kitchen reading her book.

 After a while, my dad came home for lunch and told me to shovel snow -_-‘. So, I did for a while, and danced while I was doing it :). Then my mom came home from work blah blah blah in the end we went to CVS. What do the letteres stand for anyway? Come Visit Something?

Anyways, I had to dye my hair again, and I wanted to do other stuff too it, like highlights 🙂 So I texted my friend and she was so pumped to do it, so we picked her up and she dyed it. While waiting for it to, well, do what ever it does, we played Guitar Hero. Then rinsed, the did the highlights. Then she had to leave for work, so I played guitar hero with my dad, rinsed, and nothing. The highlights didn’t work. Why? How would I know? In the end, my hair still looks amazing. 🙂

Of Course…

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Why do my friends hate me?  I’m going to Quintin Teritino (sp.?) this, shall we? 🙂 Well, while I am sitting here, talking to you, my friends are out. There, now, let’s rewind…

I broke up with my girlfriend…for a bunch of little things. Anyway, I recently read my friend’s away message, and it said that her boyfriend, our best friend and her boyfriend were over. I thought, well, thanks. I can’t wait until he breaks up with her, then I can pretend to have a life and she has to sit at home all alone. Before, she’d always ask me to hang out, and that was almost everyday. I kept hanging out with her, too. Now, she is having fun and I’m playing songs on my keyboard with no social life. Thank You.

Hello First :)

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It’s February first already? Everything is going by so fast. And to make today the best day ever, my mom got me out of school, we had a two hour delay, and it’s my three month anniversery with my girlfriend. 🙂 I don’t care as much as she does though, I look more towards years than each individual month. Is it bad that I think we’ve been dating longer? It feels that way.

So, lets start with how the day started, which is usually how things happen. :P. Anyways, I woke up this morning to Avril Lavigne – Hot, that is probably really irrelavant but I was planning on making another list of music :). So, I went downstairs, ate, and made my way to taking a shower. I was upset that the school’s automatic thingy that tells us what’s up didn’t call, so I wasn’t motivated to shower.

As I get out, my mom yells through the door “The school called; you have a two hour delay today.” GREAT! Of course they call after I shower and can’t go back to nap for two extra hours. So, my mom was going to bring me to her work, she started at nine and I like being at school around 9:20, and she works close to the school so I was just going to walk over. As we are pulling out of the driveway, she asks me if I want to go to my friend’s house, the one who has recently got a boyfriend and makes me feel like a bad person… My mom doesn’t know how I’ve been feeling, but yesterday after I took a nice long nap, I felt better. So, I called my friend and went to her house for a while this morning.

She came to the door with a towl wrapped on her head, and I played with the dogs and cat 🙂 I love them. So she was taking forever and I texted her at about 9:20 to hurry up. She allows me to go upstairs (she was in the middle of getting ready when she came to the door, so I had to wait downstairs.) and she’s multitasking. She’s getting ready, looking for her makeup, and online talking to people. We finally get to school at around 9:55, 10 minutes after the late bell. I thought it was funny though, she really hasn’t been late much (this year, last year she was always late).

While in the office, the principal, who no one likes anyway cause she’s mean, yelled at a few people for being late and left. The End. It was pointless. So the day went on, in chemistry we were working on our homework, in english we took a test, same in italian, then in history we did a study guide, and in lunch we had an interesting conversation about dreams. Then band happened. I’m bored with tenor sax, or any version of sax for that matter. I would like to play something else, but no. I don’t think I’d be allowed. Then in math we were taking, yes, another test. But my mom came and got me out, and here we are 🙂 I’ll probably blog again later, it’s only 2:30, nothing happend yet!

Am I that bad?

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I’ve come to a realization, you may agree, you may not. But this year, I’ve lost my friends. They are still in existence, but we’ve grown apart. My best friend is never around anymore. I offered to hang out with her this Friday and she tells me “I’m not going to be home, I’m hanging out with….” and she said their names, but that part doesn’t matter…

Anyways, that made me feel bad. I know all of these people, am I that bad of a person that I can’t hang out with you? Do you hate me because I, along with a select others, convinced you to audition when you didn’t want to? What is it? Do you want to hang out with your future boyfriend? (Yeah, a few of us knows she likes this kid and he like her but they do nothing about it…we messed with her about it.)

Anywhoo, I guess the purpose of this is simply a rant and how upset I am. (The only good thing out of this is none of the people I know and/or talk about in these know about this.) She complains about this person never wanting to hang out, then when the person invites to hang out she doesn’t want to, then in the end they finally do hang out and I am nothing but dust in the wind. Thank you, thank you for NOT being there.


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This year, the school musical is “42nd Street” and the auditions are today. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous. Not to sound cocky, but I made it every year since eighth grade (now I’m in tenth). So, should I have a reason to be nervous?

To make this a longer post, I’ll describe 42nd Street to you, save some time looking it up :).

So, the play is technically about people putting on the play “Pretty Lady” or something of that sort. Peggy, the lead I believe (keep in mind I’m doing this at the top of my head),  comes to New York for an Audition. She ends up coming late, missing the auditon, but they let her audition anyway. I’m pretty sure you can fill in what happens in the end.

Well, I need to relax for a bit, you know, clear my head. I have a headache, too. And homework, yuck!

 [EDIT] Well, I just got back from auditions, mind you that it was between 5:30 and 6:30 I was supposed to audition, and I just got home a little while ago, it is now 8:45. I don’t know. I guess it went okay. I think I did well on the lines, the singing…not too well. Oh well, that is all in the past now, now its the homework I procrastinated :). Ciao.[/EDIT]